The camper’s patent pending Lift Assist system means any one—by him or herself—can set up “our cabin” in nine minutes.

So light and aerodynamic you can even haul it with your UTV.

Remember all those times your parents insisted, “go out and play?” Take your kids to your favorite, beautiful getaways and they’ll do that ’til they drop!

If your camping gets a little too down and dirty, the optional shower—which doubles as a private space to dress—comes in very handy.

Two side vestibules keep the cool drinks—and the cool drinker—in the shade. Need a weekend away from the kids? Or perhaps get together with old roommates for an outdoor concert? Camp365 will be your mobile cabin for all weekend adventures.

Because of this camper’s light weight and patented adjustable wheel base, you can take it into your hardest-to-reach favorite hunting spots. And hunt right outside your front door.