See all that room? That’s easy sleeping on those fold-out cots for four, and there’s plenty of room for two more. At the back, the heating and AC set up keep you comfortable 365 days a year—and the marine grade carpet keeps it cozy on your bare feet, too.

Get away from ‘em all. Sometimes you just want to be alone—to dress, shower, or use the toilet in privacy. Camp 365’s privacy curtains give you that—including in your little bedroom with a view.

Welcome to the great indoors. A six room cabin by night—and a party room whenever you need one. At 700 cubic feet, there’s even room for dancing and sleeping.

Bring down the foldout table and you can serve dinner, play cards, enjoy a cocktail hour. And there’s a closet’s worth of storage room for everything you need—and a fridge for all your goodies.

Whether you are sleeping your family, all your friends, or your favorite teams offensive line, Camp365 is your cabin that goes everywhere.